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but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

OCD ONLINE - What is O.C.D.? For Mike Luebrecht Supporters

OCD ONLINE - What is O.C.D.?

"Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder, first and foremost. It is not a thought disorder. Although the thoughts associated with OCD are bizarre, they are not at all the focal point of the therapeutic objective. The essential features of OCD are recurrent obsessions (thoughts) that create an awareness of alarm or threat. (e.g., "I might get AIDS from the germs on that door knob;" "Since I had the thought of killing my baby, I might be capable of doing it;" "If I don't pick up that Band-Aid someone else might get sick from it, and I would hold myself culpable;" etc.). Persons typically engage in some avoidance or escape response in reaction to the obsessive threat (I typically refer to the obsessive threat as a "spike."). Obsessions take the form of either a perceived threat of physical harm to oneself or others or, in some cases, more of a metaphysical or spiritual threat to oneself, others, or perhaps a deity. I conceptualize the overall syndrome of OCD to consist of three primary branches. Within all three branches, in approximately 80% of all cases, persons performing these rituals are painfully aware that their behavior is unreasonable and irrational (see Speak of the Devil). However this insight provides no relief. Therefore attempting to help sufferers through reassurance has no long lasting positive effect."
"The last branch involves a somewhat more complex and difficult to treat form of OCD. That is responsibility OC (hyperscrupulosity). Here, the person's concern is not for themself, but directed toward the well-being of others. Typically, significant others (although sometimes society at large) are thought of as the predominant focus on which to prevent harm from coming. The responsibility OC might take on a Pure-O form such as getting a noxious thought that some harm might come to someone else. And the person might feel compelled to pray in a way to stave off that harm coming to another. Also the responsibility OC might engage in elaborate cleansing rituals to prevent others from receiving germs or diseases which he or she may be carrying, yet feels no fear for his own well-being. Persons with this form of OC often engage in warning others about possible risks or cleansing their environment of possible risks to others at large. Persons with responsibility OC often engage in excesses for another's distress or danger, so as not to be held culpable. The reason this form is particularly difficult to treat is the combination of anxiety in association with the risk and guilt at being responsible for adversity happening to others."

So there being three main types of OCD, I have found NONE that lead to killing babies. I watched WLIO with great relief tonight that a grand jury found it acceptible to seek the death penalty. I truely hope that the Putnam County prosecutor ensures justice, or as much of justice as possible in this case by fully seeking the death sentence in this case. Here is a man, although mentally ill, who has killed his own flesh and blood. Not every action taken by someone can be blamed on mental illness. Some actions may result from their disorder. But not every one. There are times when we should be willing to accept that a persons actions are not due to a fault of their own, but to the mental disorder with which they suffer. We must also be willing to accept that just because they are ill not not mean that EVERY action if a reflection of their illness. Some things done are done without the influnce of their mental disease. In this case a man is trying to blame a mental illness, not known to be violent natured on a very violent crime. If we accept this and allow him to go free, it opens the gate of other to blame their actions on their mental illness. If opens the door for people to use mental disorders as get out of jail free passes. Even when they have no relevnce to the crime committed. This is not acceptable. Deal compassion and forgiveness where justified. Deal justice when due. In the case of ML, there is no acceptible excuse for his actions. There is not a connection between the illness he claims to have and the outright murder of a child. It is time for justice to be dealt to him, without the compassion that his supporters are seeking. This is not a case about a ill man, as it is a case of a child murdered by his own father. Hair color, eye color, favorite food, hobbies or OCD has no relevence to this crime.

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tellme said...

Tell me again why this couldn't happen in your family?
I still see no "reason" in your resposes to the others.
Because they are good people?
That is not a reason.
You've never heard "bad things happen to good people" then have you.
I think it's more than your OCD that you keep pounding into the ground that caused this.
You yourself have said there is no connection of the violent acts that happened to OCD, so give it a rest.
Just because you knew someone with OCD & they didn't do something like this doesn't mean it's not possible or it was something else.
Since you are so smart explain to me: What it is that could cause a memeber of a family to go for a drive & call home not knowing where they are or why they did it.
I don't belive it's OCD.
Also explain how they could not possibly get into an accident while this takes place.
You seem to think that's not possible.
Again because it's a member of "your" family is not an acceptable answer.
ANYTHING is possible, especially now a days.
So let me give you another hypothetical situation.
What would it be called, instead of the driving thing. A person goes into a state that they think they are "GI Joe" or an Army commander or something like that.
Then someone enters the room & is attacked like they are "the enemy".
"GI Joe" then runs away & comes back a few minutes later & doesn't recall anything that had just happened. This with no war experiances happening to that person. Explain that.
That's not OCD.
Perhaps you'd like to attack the church he attended regularly.
Since he was such a religious person & there is something so wrong with him. There must be something wrong with them also? You should go there to do some "research".
It cracks me up that you think ML (as you say) will get off.
Is he a local celebrity or something?
Is he rich?
Does he have the country's best lawyers or something?
You are way too caught up in the "Hollywood life".
You watch way too much Entertainment Tonight & crap.
People getting away with crimes like this doesn't happen in a small rural area, only Hollywood.
For a web designer you may want to do something about your posts. They all just run together & make little sense.
Also you didn't name your source for the above statments, What is OCD.

Anonymous said...

OK, so I came across your blog when I was searching on what was happening in this case and just had to reply. I grew up in that area, although I have been away for about...gulp...25 years. Call it morbid it what you will. I guess part of what I feel is the superiority issue with family (yes, I do love them dearly, but we all have our faults) still there. They feel protected in that small little community and can't quite understand why I choose the "big city" life. It's such a big bad world here, and not there. Yeah, right.

I am appalled by this case. I learned a lot by reading what you had posted, not being able to find much of relevance online. I agree with you that the death penalty is appropriate for him, as well as that any mental issues are not an issue for his defense.

Here I sit, with facing a life of childlessness due to infertility, and there is that man who had a beautiful child and he chose to take that child's life. It really infuriates me. And saddens me.

LOL I appreciate your need for anonymity, as do I, but I'm sure some people could figure out who I am if they read between the lines. So be it.


P.S. I loved your graphic of him frying in hell.