The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Just What is "GOOD"?

Since recent events have turned my eyes towards children and the horrifying crimes their parents are committing against them, I have done a lot of thinking about "good" parents. Really what are "good" parents? What makes good so much better than just being a parent.

I decided to first determine what good was. I mean, every day we SAY or THINK something is good- but maybe it's really not. Maybe that meatloaf was just so-so and not really good like we thought. Maybe the last movie we seen wasn't good, it was just like all the rest of the movies we have seen in the last five years.

Then it comes to parents. Is a good parent one that works 16 hour days to be able to provide for their kids that they never get to see? Surely their sacrifice shouldn't make them a BAD parent... but does it really make them a good one? What consists of a GOOD parent?? The fact that you don't beat your kids is great... but does it hold water to the good parent test?

First lets define the term "good".

good adj., bet·ter (bĕt'ər), best (bĕst).

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as good as

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4a States it as being superior to the average. I like that one. Being a GOOD parent should mean that you are superior to the average parent. Better than the norm. That's a good way to look at it. See the normal parent doesn't beat their kids, the normal parent finds a means in which to support the children that they bring into this world. They take the kids to school, put cloths on their back, feed them. This is normal parent behavior. It does not make them "good" parents. Because it is what is expected. A normal parent protects their children. Again it doesn't make them superior to the average- because most parents would do the same.

A good parents will not only protect their children from the harm that would befall them, but will also teach that child to protect them self.

A good parent reads to their kids. Not just when they feel like reading but when the child brings them a book in the middle of the season finale of their favorite show.

A good parent will willingly watch the theme song to sponge bob over and over again until they learn the words so they can sing it to their kids on demand.

A good parent has a frig not to store food but to display every piece of art that their kids have ever made.

A good parent doesn't just send their kids to school, but takes an active role in their education.

A good parent doesn't just tell their kids how to be respectable and loving adults, they show them by every action they make.

A good parent realizes that their job doesn't just stop when their kids walk out the door. It continues for their whole lives, even when the children are not around to see it.

A good parent loves their child. More than themselves. More than any other person in the world.

A good parent understand when it is time to let go, when it is time to hold tight and when it is time to just be there.

A good parent takes time away from their busy lives in order to show their child that they are special.

A good parent teaches their kids to be kind to others.

A good parent lives their life the way they would hope their kids would.

A good parent hugs their kids more times then they so "no" to their kids on any given day.

A good parent listens as much as they talk.

A good parent understands that children are just children, not tiny people appearing out of no where to retrieve TV remotes, get them cold drinks and entertain them.

A good parent must be willing to sacrifice their whole lives in order to protect, love, cherish and teach their children. They will wake up at night to make sure their kids are fine. They will go to sleep knowing their job continues the rest of their lives, and they are happy for it. They willingly give up their dreams to make sure their kids dreams may come true. They believe the greatest gift they ever received was their children, and they spend their lives showing how grateful they are for it. Even when the child misbehaves, a good parent sees the beauty in that child, even when the child is bad, a good parent sees the good in the child. A good parent would willingly except a lifetime of their child's pain, suffer their child's heart breaks, cry their child's tears, and at the end of the day, believe that it was worth it all. A good parent never sees themselves as good enough, they strive to be better parents every day of their lives.

Have more good parent definitions?