The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Anonymous in the City- Reply

Yes, I too watched the M Jackson verdict with disbelief. Of course, the thought that a mother would let her child be around him just crawls under my skin like scabies laying eggs. Eww. That's just gross. But then again the idea of a mother willingly doing that- is gross too. Although I would more categorize it as being gross neglect, gross inadequacy as a parental figure, gross display of a utterly stupid lack of common sense etc. I really would like to hit that woman up side the head with something. (Blame that on someones mental illness) I am not surprised at the verdict. I mean, lets be honest when has the famous and guilty ever had to accept full responsibility for what they do? Other than Martha Stewart, who I think was found guilty more on the fact that she was a woman and that overruled her famousness giving her less of a chance of being innocent. Poor MJ, it must be hard to have to live life with people accusing you of molesting the kids you've been molesting.

Yes, all of us have issues with being "normal", but it's amazing how completely bizarre some can be and still be considered human. It seems odd that we can wake up in the morning and look around and not be appalled by the state of the human race. In the "wild kingdom" the strange and bizarre are normally outcast, left to fend for themselves, or even killed by their own. But not so with humans. Humans embrace them, shower them with money, plaster their faces on television, in movies, on bill boards and make them one of the famous beloved. How sick we all truly are.

I congratulate you on losing the small town mentality. And that you have found what peace you have with knowing where you are from. And with moving on from it. It tends to be hard to be "the one" in the family to break the mold. For those of us that realize our family may never be what we dream of them being or what we would prefer them being, there's a feeling of relief that at least we know what we are dealing with. I would not want to return to what my child hood was like, not that it wasn't happy- but I prefer to annoy my family without being grounded for doing it. I know that no matter what one of my siblings will always have my mother at beck and call. Not being surprised by it makes me less disappointed in the fact that they are so connected to each other. In fact, my sister just bought a house maybe two hundred feet from my parents. Knowing that allows for me to never be shocked that she is going to be there even more (although I am surprised that that is even possible) than she is now. With our families we sometimes have to accept their faults and accept the relationship we are able to have rather than think of what we would like to have. And now a days- I would say both you and I are lucky to have whatever sort of parents we where dealt. Because, it seems being a good parent has taken a slacked meaning. Evidently good parents can now kill their kids. Or allow them to be molested by MJ. Or be killed by our pit bulls even after we stick the kids in the basement (see other posts). Yes, we are lucky that even with the faults of our family, we where born during a time when being a good parent meant a bit more than what it does now. We are lucky to come out of our childhood without what now seems to be the normal "good parenting" etiquette that seems to include harming your kids beyond repair. Even with the disagreement we may have with them- they still beat the options that are out there now. Just once I would like the news to run a story on a parent that is deserving to make headlines. I can see it now "Truly GOOD parent Win's Noble Peace Prize". Wouldn't it be grand?