The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Military Closings

I am not sure as to how one could justify closing or reducing Military Bases while our Country is at war, not just any war- but one with which there seems to be so very much at stake. Not just Iraq, but at this time America seems to be at war with people from all nations, we have built up a magnet for the worlds hatred to be pointed at. Until the finial terrorist slips away into the harsh unknown darkness of death, until every single person both here and on foreign ground can reside to put away the dispute over America and what type of Nation we have become; until there is a understanding of peace throughout the world- we are a nation at war. At war not just with other countries but with those people that would stand up and take action, those that would praise the fall of Lady Liberty, those who desire to bring America down into the pits of poverty stricken, freedom-less, ungoverned, hopelessly torn realms they would create. America has seen the anger which- deserving or not- has been directed onto her. We have watched as the terrorists have brought down planes into our not just our buildings but our very belief in our own "safeness". They have created a war to which we have to fight. And yet Washington sees fit to close the very soles of what protects the heart of the Nation. The heart of OUR Nation. If even one man in Washington was truly worried about the budget of America- why have they not yet stepped up and offered to volunteer their services of political representation or service? How much more money do they need? When was the last time Ted Kennedy decided to donate his entire paycheck back into the American budget? Let's take the yearly salary for every elected Washington official and defer it for 20 years into an account dedicated to Military funding. Lets start with the 2005 Base Realignmnent and Closure Commission and Congress.

Lima at this time was lucky enough to be spared on the list. For this I am happy. But lets look at the jobs and the income lost to many many states, cities, small towns, and actual people. America is at a shortage for employment to begin with. We are at a war which to be honest- we will be fighting long into the future. And remember that it's OUR tax dollars funding this to begin with. Shouldn't the people get a say in what happens? Somehow the whole thought of "A Nation for the People, by the People" has been lost on Washington. As happy as I am that I voted for Bush- I really have to wonder why he needs more of my money to fund his spending. It seems that at some point in time political persons can to the conclusion that they can spend money how they want. I guess it is truly easier to spend some one else's money foolishly than your own. Washington- States- in fact everyone who gets a say in the spending of OUR tax dollars seem to forget how much we worked for that money. When do we get to have a say in how it is used? I know after losing the prison here in Lima, we couldn't have taken another cut in jobs. Not when the cut is handed down from a group of men sitting in their cushioned high class chairs, looking out of their huge office windows with great views and smoking cigars that cost more than we pay a week in groceries, wondering if they should take the limo home or have their driver arrange for a helicopter. Sure Washington- spend my money on fancy trips all over the world, spin around in your fancy chairs, have great catered dinners with other fancy rich people on my tab- after all the lot of you have managed to pick 33 major military installations and hundreds of other facilities for closing or downsizing... during what could be the Nations most vulnerable time. Yes, that's right sit back and congratulate yourselves in what should be know as the BRAC- Blatantly Repulsive act of Congress. Because no matter what all the State representatives and Congressmen say now... at some point this was okayed. Maybe they where playing a "it's okay for other states- just not in mine" game. But think about it- they knew the jobs and funding would be cut somewhere... and even if their state had been spared, shouldn't they object just as much for every other state? They make decisions that effect EVERY American, not just the ones within their own states borders. Shame on you Congress, Shame on you Bush, Shame on the Commission. And shame on us for setting back and taking it.

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