The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Man at Andersons

When going to Anderson's today for the screening stuff (see "Screening" post) i noticed a man walking over as me and Casey where walking to the car. He informed us that it was National Prayer Day, and gave both of us a small "bible". First I must say that I have begun to be suspicious of any one approaching the kids or me or me and the kids that I do not know. Being the overprotective parent that I am, and reading too many headlines of "Woman Missing" "Child Gone" I seem to always be looking around for anyone that may be looking to closely at someone or approaching. You just never seem to know what can happen these days. Despite the uncomfortable feeling of this man walking towards I, I tried to remain polite while putting my things in the car and keeping Casey close to my side as we walked around to get in. The man gave us the bibles, "God bless"ed us and began to walk away. As me and little bit headed around the van to get in, the man started back. He informed me that his youngest was a Marine in Iraq finishing up his third tour over there. You could see his desire to brag on his son... and I am not one to over look those serving our Country so I wished him a speedy ans safe return. I then let him know I had a family full of Military people, from cousins to my dad (who served in the Army) and my grandfathers. It's nice to know that these people put their lives on the line to serve a country that has not always given the thanks that it should. And it's good to see a father so proud of his son that he speaks of him to strangers. I still felt uncomfortable with having a stranger approach me and Casey. Like I said, these days it's not safe, and you never know what can happen. So I am sitting here thinking how sad it is that the world has become such an unsafe place for us to live in. I remember the days when as a little girl my parents would take us places. Strangers would come up and talk to them and us as if it was nothing. Things have changed. My grandparents never locked their doors at night. I keep mine locked even in the daytime when I am home. As kids we would take off in the alley behind the house to go to our grandparents house by ourselves. My kids can't go outside alone. With all the headlines- you really don't know who's lurking around, what harm can become someone in even the most innocent place or which stranger is the one with bad intentions. I thank the soldiers putting their life at risk for us, and the families that just need someone to tell about it. And if I am the stranger at the mall you decide to tell about them to... I am taking note of every detail from how tall you are, to the car you drive away in. Which I'm hoping doesn't have me stuffed in the back of it.

Anonymous said...

Jeez woman find Jesus or something to fill up your time. By the way if you find him you really should go after the reward he's been missing for a couple thousand years and the interest alone will carry u into the next millenimum.