The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Area Man Drowns Son

Some things just make you wonder. Other things tend to make you want to reach out and seriously injure someone. The latter was my reaction to the Fort Jennings man who drowned his OWN child. Michael Luebrecht. I sat growing madder and madder as I watched the story unfold on the local news. Heres a 13 month old child, another innocent victim of it's parent(s) as the too familiar story goes. When did we forget that parents are suppose to protect, love, shield, and comfort their kids? How does one take any child- let alone a child who they have helped bring into this world, and decide to end their life? A whole country divided and cried over a case where an adult woman's parents fought to keep her alive- thousands mourned her passing, and her parents lingered even for a small chance of hope to keep her in this world. It brings to mind the fight parents should have for their kids- the desire to always have hope. This drowning reminds of the other side to some people in this world. We may never know the thoughts going through this mans head- or the reason why he didn't just leave the young boy with the sitter. But if ever one was deserving of death- I should say that this would be that case. I look at my own kids- and think how after one gets in trouble I feel the guilt of having to punish them, and wonder how one could ever live with knowing that they killed one of their own. I doubt even the deepest darkest pit in hell will do justice to what this man deserves. I am sure that like most horrible parents he will claim insanity- that tends to be the most common excuse- and although some would claim a person has to be crazy to perform an act such as this- I believe the insanity plea to be a defense lawyers poor excuse for an evil evil person. What could a 13 month old child to to invoke such a wrath in their father that they commit this horrifying crime? Is insanity really insanity. Think of it- if he hasn't spent years of his life bound up in a straight jacket, locked in a padded room hearing "people" talk to him with a mass of white knotted hair growing wildly in every direction, speaking in make believe languages, pretending to fly off of the roof top that doesn't exist and attempting to peal the flesh from his bones while gnarling at imagined bats - we have no right to grant him the benefit of being insane. Put him to death. Fill a bath with cold water, hold him under and let the water wash away any life he has in him. But don't believe for a minute that the story is over. There are many who will survive this, who will have to make peace with the loss they have suffered, and will have to find away to go on. And there's a small child that will never be able to. His life was stolen, and can not be replaced, can not be forgotten.

Read full Lima News Coverage HERE, along with 911 audio from the fathers phone call. And the Obits.

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